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1 week 2 days ago #83740 by Stems
Hey Louis,

I was able to experience the Dark Carnival Game Con and it was pure magic. It seriously competes with my many gathering experiences, it was just incredible.

I have two requests for future ITE tournaments:

Official GP Counters (like a ref)
Card Shufflers

In one of my tournaments I almost lost by one point, but when I counted my opponents cards he was one point below me, not above me. There were a few times a recount was required and showed different results, and a lot of the time someones GP was never questioned. If someone says they have 50 GP, no one's going to second guess it. To ensure a fair and fun game, the competitors should not be in charge of counting their GP. If the players count GP, they could easily lie about the results.

More importantly, the card shufflers. Louis there are some incredible card handlers out there. I could buy my first two cards of the game, and shuffle them into the same next hand intentionally, right in front of you, and you'd never know. I have Mr. White Suit and Cartoon Nightmares, I could easily shuffle my deck to put them together in my next hand and quickly go epic, and someone could potentially do so right in front of everyone. Card magic is very real and trusting people to shuffle their own decks is problematic. I refuse to say names but I personally witnessed some of these things take place.

You can typically find them for about $20. I can understand not wanting to buy one for all 20 tables, but I strongly recommend them for final rounds and/or in the Masters Tournament.

Thank you for helping to create such a spectacular game, and thank you for helping make the Game Con a smashing success! Can't wait for next year!
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5 days 9 hours ago #83742 by Acsdnd
I agree with a designated GP counter.

I kind of expected that in the tournaments the person to your right would be cutting your deck every shuffle. I think that point was discussed here as well a long time ago. Not too sure why that wasn't happening at DCG Con. I would've said something right away if I had been able to make it. Cheating is real.

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2 days 9 hours ago - 2 days 9 hours ago #83743 by Stems
The rules that were handed to each table said everyone must shuffle at least 5 times and someone CAN cut their deck if they'd like. I was the only one cutting decks (that I saw) and when one of my opponents asked the ref if that was allowed, the ref said, "I haven't heard of anything like that" and I had to show him the rules he handed me.

Even worse, in team play I was buying cards for my team mate and the opposing team was thrown off, they didn't think I could buy cards for my team mate for 1 extra karma (as clearly stated in the rule book). When the ref came over, we had to pull up the rule book because once again the ref said, "I've never heard of anything like that before, I don't know if that's allowed..."

There's bound to be some frustrations involved in competitive play and it's really no big deal, but there are measures we can take to ensure a fair competition, such as card shufflers and GP counters.

Hell I got 20 on a card shuffler, I know money can be tight. lol

Seriously though, that game con will be one of my favorite memories for a long time!
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2 days 9 hours ago #83744 by Acsdnd
Sounds like the refs weren't that well versed in the game. I still think the cut would solve cheating issues and really that's on the players to make sure you continue to cut. I'm really hoping to be there next year.

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