Saturday September 3rd - Toledo Ohio

Taking on all Into the Echoside Toledo challengers!

Play Into the Echoside vs. the Game Designers Jumpsteady and Louis Simpson for your chance to win a rare ITE amulet (or equivalent)!  Play either one vs. one or bring your homie for team play!

Event: Board Game Demo Day

When: 3 Sep 2016 (this Saturday) 2 – 10pm.

Where: Toledo Game Room

                3001 West Sylvania Ave

                Toledo Ohio 43613



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Greetings gamers! Our Board Game Demo Day at The Toledo Game Room is coming up fast! September 3rd from 11am to midnight. Totally free, with tons of chances to win ...

Also buy a copy of Into the Echoside in the store during the event ($40.00) and receive the 3 promo cards (Wizard of the Hood, Blahzay Rose and Inner City Posse). 

How to Play Into The Echoside

Join the game designers Jumpsteady and Louis along with Natalie the Ring Girl as they guide you through the perilous journey into the depths of the Nethervoid. Learn how to play the game step by step with this video produced by Ryan Archibald while you gain a few strategy tips along the way.

The Forum and Downloadable Game Rules are live!

Come join the creators of the game Jumpsteady & Louis Simpson at the new Into the Echoside forum which is now live!  Have questions, comments, suggestions or tall tales? Now is your chance to be heard. Delve into any topic you desire, all questions will be answered and all opinions will be heard.    

Dont know shit about the game at all and need a place to start? Then check out the downloadable rule book which is now available under the The Game Menu > Online Rule Book.

Also, keep a lookout for the How To Play video coming in late August!

Check out these dope ass cards with more being posted soon!

Kevin Gillthumbnail the witchThe Into the Echoside preorders begin on May 20, 2016 in just a couple of weeks!  Soon you will be able to start stomping the shit out of your opponents! That is ... unless they have the ever-so-useful Kevin Gill card which will protect them from such attacks! Then again Fiends have different attacks that even K.G. wont be able to stop.

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